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About the #Nepal600

Dan Furlong is an entreprenuer, motivational speaker and fitness influencer. He is also an advocate for vulnerable children and a philanthropist for BlinkNow. Dan is embarking on a 600km journey from Kathmandu to Kopila Valley, the community where his fundraising donations will support.

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About BlinkNow:

Founded by Maggie Doyne in 2007, BlinkNow believes that every child in the world should be provided with the most basic needs and rights – a safe home, medical care, an education and love. And with that, they will grow up to be adults with a social conscience and the skills to continue our mission of ending the cycles of poverty and violence in our world. For ten years, BlinkNow has created happier, healthier lives for hundreds of women and children. Maggie Doyne has been globally recognized for her and BlinkNow's efforts in the Kopila Valley.

We believe that in the blink of an eye, we can all make a difference. Join us!


How can you help?

We will be running 10K on January14th in Bournemouth. All donations will go to BlinkNow. If you donate through MALOCA, every pound will be matched by Juice Plus Company.